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Selling on Afritrada

Selling on Afritrada.

Selling on Afritrada. Why? It is fast and free. Learn more about the great and unique advantages we will bring you:

– Thousands of people look everyday on Afritrada for your products.
– Advertising, listing and selling was never so easy.
– Your listing is online in only a few minutes. From mobile, laptop or PC !
– No limits anymore of one selling point, like a shop or store.
– No sale commission.
– Your listings will be seen in and outside Africa.
– Control your own products and promotions anytime you want.
– Multiple pictures to upload for each listing.
– Sit back and relax. Just wait for your first customer contact by email or telephone call.

Selling on Afritrada

Selling on Afritrada. How to do it in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Click on the deep blue button in the right top of your screen “Post your ad”. Click GO.

Choose the Business Directory if you want to list your business or shop. Don’t list your products here. Remember always: The Business Directory is only for business profiles. The Market Place is only for product profiles.

Step 2: Choose if you want to list a company or a product. List in which category your company or products fits. Click OK.

If you don’t know which category, check the list on the homepage first to see which one fits best. If your company or product fits in multiple categories, just list it more times.

Step 3: Fill in the fields of your listing.

Describe as clearly as possible how people can contact you, who you are, what you do or what you sell. Add pictures to your listing if possible, Click OK.

Step 4: Review your listing. Click OK.

Your listing is now online !

List as much products or companies if you want. Remember: Afritrada is a free platform ! We advice our members to learn first our Policies and Rules before listing a product or company. This will help you to avoid problems and prevent you for unintentional violations of our guidelines

Keep our database clean and up to date. If you sell a product, remove it from Afritrada: Nothing is more annoying for customers, then spend time and telephone costs for no reason. Second, if you move your company or change your website, telephone number and so on: Update your profile information on our website, so customers can still find you.

Afritrada is never involved in the selling or buying process and doesn’t demand any sales-commission.

Your text: Do’s and Dont’s

– Use a good specific title for your ad. This ranks also good in Google. Like “XYZ Best Phone shop Nigeria”. Which includes your (company) name, what you do and where you are.
– It is not allowed to use telephone numbers in your advertisement title.
– It is not allowed to use the same advertisement title in other ads.

Selling on our website. Do it safe.

Safe trading on internet is more easy when you keep certain rules in mind. The majority of the sellers and buyers on the internet has good intentions and is reliable. They sell goods as agreed and paid right on time. Unfortunately, there is just like in the real world a small group of people who will abuse the trust of others. Click here to read our guidelines for buyers and sellers to minimize your risks.

If you need more information, please contact us here

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