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Tetra foundation

Tetra foundation


Tetra Foundation is a non-profit foundation in The Gambia.

In trying to help families and small poultry farms, Tetra Foundation has introduced a special breed that is selected to perform very well under tropical circumstances. A dual purpose chicken which is a broiler and a layer in one chicken. A chicken that will produce a good number off eggs and will grow nice meat as well.

Where others will have to import their day-old chicks, we produce them locally. This means less risks for the farmers, closer contact with the supplier and easier access to day-old chicks.

The Tetra Foundation advises families, poultry farmers and sponsors. First time farmers are invited for a training at the Foundation before they start to make sure their new business will be successful. We also guide and monitor the farmers once they have started.

For sponsors and farmers we give presentations and advise on small business plans. There are several small business plans that can help them to make the right decision for a successful business. Some of these business plans are also suitable for families that are trying to raise their income.

Business plans.
The Tetra Foundation developed a few business plans for families and poultry farmers, which can help them on their way in poultry. The professional poultry farmers know what they are doing, so these business plans are mainly for families who want to gain an extra income, and for first time poultry farmers.

Family broiler plan. The Family broiler plan can help families to make some extra money in a short time. The Tetra Foundation sells a ‘package’. This means that if a family wants 10, 15 or 25 broilers, the feed is included. This saves them the trouble to go out to buy feed for just a few chicks.

So they are already saving their transport costs. And nine weeks later the broilers are ready to be sold, giving a nice profit to the family. This way a family can easily have 1000 Dalasis extra every month for a little bit of work. The layer plan is set up for a period of 18 months, and is for the more experienced farmers.

Layers can give more profit, but this will take longer. After all, they need to be fed for twenty weeks before they start laying eggs. The eggs can be sold. The advantage here is that at the end of the laying period the chicken still can be sold as a broiler, which adds up to the profit.

Layer and broiler mix plan. This plan becomes more and more popular. As an example: people buy a mix of 200 day-old chicks. So 100 layers and 100 broilers. After nine weeks the broilers are ready to be sold and the first profit is already there. The profit from the broilers can be used for the family or to buy feed for the remaining layers. And again at the end of the laying period the hens can be sold for a good price.

This is a great plan for people with just a little bit of experience and who want to go a little step further.

Poultry training.
For those who are starting with poultry for the first time we provide training. To help them to have a successful business, we advice them to send the person responsible for the chicks to the foundation to work with our staff. This way they will learn by doing and by listening to our people who will train them on the job.

There’s no point for the foundation to sell day-old chicks to people who don’t know what poultry is. A good training is necessary to learn how to do it and to get everything right. The people will learn everything there is to know about the different types of feed and when to give the correct feed. They will also learn to measure the body weight in order to keep the feeding schedule correct.

They will learn why it is important to know the feeding differences between layers and broilers. They will learn about desinfection and vaccinations, feather picking and most of all how to see that the chicks are comfortable. How many chicks per square meter, housing, ventilation, cleaning etc. etc.

With this knowledge and experience they will be more confident when they start their own poultry farm.

Visit https://www.tetrafoundation.com/ for more information.


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