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private investigators in kenya


We (STRATEGY PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS IN KENYA 0722 228 293 / 0733 228 293) are the leading private investigator and detective agencies in the Kenya, we pride ourselves on offering a professional and discreet service. Every detective or private investigator employed by STRATEGY Investigations has a wealth of expertise in a wide range of fields, so it doesn’t matter if you want to look into a spouse’s suspicious behavior, investigating an employee who you believe may be sharing confidential information, or want to prove that somebody is committing fraud, we can help.
We understand that working with a private investigator or detective can be a daunting prospect, which is why we take the time to sit down with every client to gain a thorough understanding of their individual situation before we begin. This means we can provide a completely bespoke personal service, perfectly tailored to your requirements, so that we can consistently deliver the results you are searching for.
With STRATEGY Investigators as your Investigations and Surveillance resource, you or your company effectively acquire an intelligence division. Our professionals will
meet your needs for matrimonial surveillance operations,Sms retrievals skip tracing/debt
collection, pre-employment background checks,Employee fraud detection
and prevention, Crisis Management, asset determination, deleted computer
data recovery, security and risk assessments, loss prevention
strategies, and many more.Strategy Investigators has a proven track record for
professional service in due diligence investigations, workers
compensation, Insurance fraud detection, Corporate Investigations,infidelity,civil,and criminal cases.

Infidelity investigation
Sms retrievals
Debtor collection
Asset Tracing and recovery
Background check
Due diligence and pre contract verification
DNA testing services.
Fraud Investigations
Insurance claims investigations
Overseas professional investigations
Photographic evidence gathering
Document verification
Skip tracing
Tracing of missing persons, friends and family, witnesses, etc.
CCTV camera sale and installation
Mobile spy software/ cheaters spy software

On hearing the word ‘Private Investigator’, one may picture a portly-looking middle-aged man with a thick moustache and a stern expression on his face. In all likelihood, it’s a common image that comes to be associated with a detective or an agent working for a top Detective Agencies

An investigator- international is always seen as the one who lives in the shadows and dark alleys and is never seen in the limelight. However, these may be the images closely associated with fictional characters like Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, James Bond, as detectives of today, have evolved. They have access to state-of-the-art surveillance technology and are incredibly suave, discreet and professional in their approach. Given the changing times and needs, their work has also undergone a sea of change.

Gone are the days where detective agencies just located lost pets and tried to find out whether a spouse was cheating. Detective Agencies and investigators of today offer a wide range of investigative services catering to private as well as corporate clients. At the same time, a number of business establishments are relying on popular detective agencies for gathering information and intelligence.

Strategy Private Investigators and Detectives in Kenya
In Kenya, there is no denying the fact that a detective’s services have been in demand for a really long time. In spite of this, there is yet to be any kind of regulation in terms of enforcing proper norms on the regulation of Detective Agencies in Nairobi and across Kenya. Through a bill, the government wants to ensure that these agencies are run within the legal parameters and are due accountable to the authorities. Many investigative firms devoid of licensing may be compelled to apply for one. The laws may prompt agencies with a doubtful and dubious repute to shut down their businesses, making the industry and its services a reliable and accountable one.

What kind of services can you expect from Strategy private investigators
There is a vast range of services that Strategy private investigators Kenya cater to, which can be broadly categorised into corporate investigations and personal investigations. Corporate investigations include pre and post-employment checks, character reports, background searches, corporate espionage, and employee frauds. Personal investigations mainly include cases that relate to pre-marital checks, alimony, divorce, infidelity/extra-marital affairs, and kidnappings.

Personal Investigation Services
1. Pre-Matrimonial Investigations

A marriage is regarded as a holy union between two consenting individuals. Finding the right partner for an individual means years of unadulterated happiness and bliss. It is what prompts many individuals to look for a spouse of their choice. However, there are great risks in situations where too little is known about the groom-to-be, bride-to-be or their respective families. It may appear to be all hunky-dory on the surface, chances are that it may turn out to be something undesirable or grossly unpleasant. To save themselves the inconveniences and unpleasantness associated with an unhappy union, a number of individuals look towards hiring Strategy private investigators Kenya for pre-marital investigations for some clarity. In Strategy private investigtors and Detective Agencies in the realm of pre-matrimonial investigation services may cater to the parties involved in arranged as well as love matches.

Services offered:
The services for pre-marital checks may vary from firm to firm. By large, in strategy Detective Agencies offer assistance which can be categorised as: Standard Investigation and Specific Investigation.

a. Standard Investigation:
Under this service, the agent may carry out multiple checks on the prospective bride or groom. From their current financial status to their love affairs and social behaviour, there are some good Detective who are quite thorough and discreet during private investigations for fetching the requested information.

b. Specific Investigation:
Specific investigation usually points the investigation to a particular direction, towards uncovering or verifying certain information. A client can verify whether the qualification stated by the bride or groom is genuine or not. Likewise, one can also verify the employment credentials of the person in question. In case of divorce cases, with the help of Strategy private investigators one can ascertain whether the previous marriage or divorce decree presented by the court is genuine or fake.

2. Infidelity/ Adultery
Trust and commitment are two key pillars on which the foundation of any relationship stands. There are times when things may not go as planned in a relationship or a marriage. When an individual starts to look for other people or means to satisfy his/ her needs is when the relationship is said to be in choppy waters. At times, one partner may grow suspicious of the acts of their spouse/ other partner and start to develop suspicions. Not taking certain clear signs seriously may come as a shock when they learn or discover their partner is cheating on them. In the same view, falsely accusing a partner without any substantial evidence may result in the irreversible breakdown of the relationship. When the going gets tough, it may be better knowing the exact truth about the relationship than living in uncertainty. At this point in time, one may look to hire a private eye from the Strategy private investigators Kenya to know what the reality is.

Services offered:
These sleuths of Detective Agencies in Kenya are discreet when it comes to validating or busting certain suspicions. To prove whether an individual’s suspicions are true or false, these agents gather substantial evidence in the form of photographs, audio recordings and video recordings. An agent from one of the reputed detective agencies for undercover surveillance may be ready to go undercover to uncover certain pieces of evidence if the case demands.

3. Finding Missing a Person or a Pet
It is certainly an unfortunate turn of events when a loved one goes missing. A pet or a family member whom one holds dear disappearing into thin air is bound to cause sadness and panic all around. In the case of high-profile families and personalities, the news of a missing/kidnapped family member may cause a lot of unrest, unnecessary panic and unwanted press and media attention towards the matter. In these times, the intervention of a private detective from a leading Detective Agencies Kenya may be required.

Services offered: In Strategy private investigotors & Detective Agencies generally categorise missing people cases into two categories:
a. Individuals who want to hide intentionally:

Those who hide intentionally, usually hide from an authority such as parents or in-laws. This may be true in the case of couples who wish to get married against their parents’ or community’s wishes and have eloped.

b. Individuals who go missing due to unfortunate circumstances:
Unfortunate circumstances could be situations like losing a child in the crowded place, a kidnapping or getting lost in an unknown place.

In both scenarios, investigative professionals of Strategy private investigators are armed with the latest technology and have their own network of associates spread out across the region to provide them with the information they are looking for and ultimately help in successfully tracing the missing person.

Corporate Investigation Services
1. Employment Checks

As not all employees who come in for an interview tell the complete truth, it is quite the norm for most organisations to run background checks on the employees they are about to hire. More often than not, it is the Human Resource team that outsources the job of checking the background of the prospective employee to one of the top for job verification purposes. This is done to verify the candidate’s details presented at the time of the interview and to avoid the disappointment of coming to know later that a candidate is not what he/she seems.

Services offered:
The services offered by Strategy private investigators for pre-employment checks, also known as character report agencies, may invariably offer the following:

a. Document Verification
This is a straightforward service where Strategy private investigators screen the documents and check for their authenticity. From graduation degrees to experience certificates, all are checked with the relevant authorities.

b. Background Check
In Strategy private investigators try to validate the family details and personal background of the candidate. A client can employ some of the best Detective Agencies in Kenya for a character report that digs out information on the behaviour of the candidate in the previous organisation and the real reason behind leaving the company. This check is invaluable in case of head-hunting when a company needs to fill in an important role.

c. Post-employment verification
This service keeps a track of the employee’s activities once they leave the company for good. This investigation is carried out by Strategy private investigators to prevent and check on office or company frauds, copyright infringement, theft and mismanagement of a company’s assets.

2. Skiptracing
Skiptracing is the term used by Strategy private investigators for the process used to locate a person’s whereabouts. Also known as a debt collector or fugitive recovery agent, a skiptracer/ private agent employs various methods to locate absconding people.

Services offered:
Detective agencies may try to catch people who default on loans and credit card debts by incorporating various social engineering methods. Some investigators and agents of leading Strategy private investigators have the knack of finding out the whereabouts of the most elusive individuals in cases of fraud, forgery, and other unlawful activities.

3. Corporate Frauds
Indian businesses are no strangers to frauds and conspiracies. When a business owner is busy in his attempts to take his venture to great heights, the competition may be looking for ways to pull his/her business down. A fraud or a conspiracy in the internal or external environment of the company may undo all the goodwill the organisation has generated over the years. As a result, the brand and reputation of a company may be valued for nought. With good internal investigation, these mishaps can be prevented. However, when these unfortunate events do take place, it can be entrusted to any of the Strategy private investigators in Kenya for deeper investigation.

Services offered:
The private detective agencies usually offer various investigative services under this realm:

a. Corporate Espionage
This is a situation when an employee acts as a spy for the competition is working in the client’s organisation and supplying confidential information to the competitor. It is up to an investigator to take effective actions and bring the book the culprit who as acting against the interest of the client’s organisation.

b. Corporate Conspiracies
In Strategy private investigators can find out about the individual responsible for hatching conspiracies against the client’s organisation through a criminal proceeding or is causing loss to the organisation’s assets.

c. IPR Investigations
Intellectual Property Rights, or IPR as it is known as, incorporates the right to trademarks, copyrights and patents. In India, it is common to find fake and spurious articles of a reputed multinational company being sold openly in the market. This act lets down the brand and the image of the creator and infringes the copyrights and trademarks. By hiring one of the best Detective Strategy private investigators offering IPR investigations, one can track down the company supplying or manufacturing the spurious and counterfeit products and bring them to book.

The other types of detective agencies under the business/ corporate realm are detective firms for signature verification and detective agencies for handwriting verification. Both these agencies verify whether the signatures and handwriting of the persons in question are genuine or not.

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