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Buying on Afritrada

Buying on Afritrada. Why?

On Afritrada you can buy almost anything you want, national or international, used or new. Learn more about our great advantages:

– The quickest and easiest way to find what you want.
– Save sales commission, travel money and time.
– Shopping in and outside Africa from your lazy chair.
– Find the biggest offer of products and services.
– Place a request for a specific product.
– Easy compare prices and products.
– Free access to Afritrada from any device.
– Our doors are never closed, you have 24/7 access.

Buying on Afritrada

Buying on Afritrada. How?

Use the Business Directory if you look for a company who sells what you are looking for. Use the Market place if you look for specific products. What is the difference between the Business Directory and the Market Place ? For example, if you look for television shops you can use the Business Directory to find shops who are specialized in televisions. However, you might be also interested in televisions offered by private persons, new or used. Here you can use the Market Place.

The Business Directory and the Market Place are split in categories to make your search more easier. Just click on the category you need. For example, televisions can be found in the Electronic Shops of the Business Directory or in the Electronics of the Market Place.

To refine your search results, use the handy Refine Box on the right side of your screen once you entered a category. Here you can narrow your search to a specific city or country, or get a more detailed list of offers. You can also use a keyword like “television” in the Search Box on top of your screen, to find all the televisions in one time which are listed in the Company Guide and the Market Place.

Safe trade.

Safe trading on internet is more easy when you keep certain rules in mind. The majority of the sellers and buyers on the internet has good intentions and is reliable. They sell goods as agreed and paid right on time. Unfortunately, there is just like in the real world a small group of people who will abuse the trust of others. Click here to see our guidelines for buyers and sellers to minimize your risks.

If you have questions about a product, we advice to first contact the seller by phone or email.


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    Zip Code 07010
    City: Antalya (district Muratpasa) 
    Country: TURKEY
    VAT Number: V.D. 008 0088 5919

    Garanti Bank Istanbul Turkey
    Bank account: 320/9068693
    IBAN: TR93 0006 2000 3200 0009 0686 93

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