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Ads Africa

Ads Africa for free. Why Afritrada? With the internet it is extremely fast to make contact with suppliers or sellers and customers or buyers. It’s all because the internet works far beyond the limits of a normal shop or other physical places you use to go to do business.

Whatever you want to sell, buy or promote, services or products, second hand or new, the internet makes it all possible in a very easy and fast way. All over the world it is already common to find and to contact customers or sellers through the internet, which you would never found in the traditional way. It’s just a matter of time before all people in Africa will embrace the internet for selling and buying products, expand a business, finding a job, or start to look for services and events. For free.

Afritrada is an important part of this development. Our multi device online platform is developed for all trade activities in Africa. Our mission is to bring buyers and sellers of products or services in the whole continent together on one website, which will guide you quickly and simply to your first contact. Afritrada is your new bridge to find products new or used, make your appointments, to start price negotiations or to make your deals.

In addition we give traders, businesses and manufacturers outside Africa the change to promote their products and services on this beautiful continent. Therefore Afritrada operates also as a worldwide platform which can connect everybody to the spirit of the African people and companies.

Afritrada- Ads Africa for free – is founded by two Dutch experts in sales, marketing and online-solutions who joined hands together to make this website possible. It is their deepest wish that this free platform will be a successful tool for all visitors and that it can create an essential contribution to the economy of Africa.

ads Africa

Free ads Africa


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Zip Code 07010
City: Antalya (district Muratpasa) 
Country: TURKEY
VAT Number: V.D. 008 0088 5919

Garanti Bank Istanbul Turkey
Bank account: 320/9068693
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