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About us

About us

About us: Our first goal is to perform as a free-to-use accelerator for all African companies and people. On this internet platform you can sell, search, buy and promote anything you want. Second is the worldwide access of our website that makes us also very attractive for all import and export activities. Finally, we hope that our website can be a successful tool for all our visitors. And most of all, that it can create an essential contribution to the people and economy of Africa.

Afritrada – Ads Africa for free – is founded by two Dutch experts in sales, marketing and online-solutions who joined hands together to make this initiative possible.

For more information about us, check the support pages in the blue navigation bar at the top or use the contact form.

Contact details

Siriniyah Mah. 1514 Sok Liderkent 2 Sit 6B/3

Contact: 00220 246 00 85
Contact: 00220 947 12 73

About us. Why Afritrada exist.

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